Back to Work

Now that the serial ‘Larry and the Bear’ has finished, I am getting back to the slog of the revision of ‘Left Field’. I’m finding the process quite difficult as I start to read and forget to be critical, or I focus on being critical and get deep into the weeds of placing a comma in just the right spot. The idea of placing it where a natural pause for breath when reading may seem natural enough, but can cause a wild panic when you find that you could pause at two different places and get quite different emotional effects. Then it’s ‘Oh Dear, which would be better?’ The solution? – cut the whole sentence and write it differently, but then, it’s not as good as it was in the first place, so back round the circle to square one, or two, or three, or maybe I’ve just lost count.

This is where using ‘The Cloud’ sounds like a wonderful idea as it is possible, or so the advertisements claim, to have documents available to multiple people who can work on them simultaneously. If the ‘multiple people’ are your critique group, you should be able to get round the circle of indecision faster than you can get round the Circle Line on the London Tube.

Perhaps I should look for another conflict/crisis topic so that I can start a new serial. Then the novel could go back on the shelf to mature a little longer. That way I could put off decisions until the end of the year and have a ready made New Year resolution – to get on with it. Hmm, I think good sense will probably prevail and I’ll bring the resolution forward.

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