Starting Out

Starting out as a writer is now a full time job. The first revision of 'Left field' was completed today and now the real work starts, or so all the books on writing say. Word count is the problem, at almost a 100k its high, but where should the red pen strike?

Fiction is so different from the science texts that I've written. There the 'story' was driven by the science and the word count had to be secondary to the clarity of the science and the maths. But fiction, well there's a lot of temptation to be resisted.

Starting a Blog seems  to be a good way of putting off the start of the destruction of so many innocent words. Of course keeping a blog current is probably going to be a bigger challenge, but at the start it is fun to play with the tools and doing this in public may improve my writing. If not starvation in a garret may be close.

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  1. eldkim says:

    How brave you are to submit you writing to an anonymous public! But that IS the point isn't it? :)

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