Winter's Tale

Winter solstice and a total lunar eclipse – we’re spoilt this year. It has been 370 years since we last had this combination. But now we can huddle down for winter; as Blake said: ‘winter is the time to endure’. If Emperor penguins can do it, we can surely handle a few flakes of snow and ice.

A plant survey has interrupted the pond excitement with the waterfowl moving away to the far side of the ponds. The geese are the least fazed and now seemed to have settled into formal pairs. No disputes apparent, the season of goodwill is here.

While trawling through the outer reaches of the news machine today, I read about research on a new treatment for coughs using theobromine to calm that recalcitrant vagus nerve responsible for chronic coughs. The problem that I have with this is that the theobromine is found in chocolate, but it will be extracted so there won’t even be a flavor of chocolate left.

 I plan to reject this solution completely. When my next cold and cough strike, I will be prepared to stay at home, all wrapped up in front of the TV with a large box of chocolates. When chewed slowly, I’m sure my vagus nerve will get the benefit of the theobromine with the bonus of molten chocolate. An additional source of theobromine is black tea, so this will complete my cold cure program – warmth, lots of hot tea, chocolates and daytime TV. The TV is there to drive me back to work at the earliest opportunity, otherwise I might turn into a pneumo-viral hypochondriac. A warning note here though, chocolate has had an age-old reputation as an aphrodisiac, so warn your significant other of your plan.

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  1. jazgal says:

    Here's to theobromine - salve to the soul and so many other good uses! We do want to keep the vagus soothed, for sure. Plus, we don't have to wait 370 years to enjoy the total cold cure program you put forth - it's yours for the asking! (Although if I had realized how significant the solstice/elipse was going to be, I would have attempted to run outside at midnight to catch the action.) (Hot chocolate in hand) :)

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