Whales Tale

Whale Tail  from freenaturepictures.com

New Years day and we’re off to the coast to watch the whales go by on their way to their maternity and nursery ward at Baja California. With an estimated sixteen hundred gray whales due to parade past in the last week of December through the first week of the New year, we should have a chance of seeing one every thirteen minutes (on average). Of course, averages aren’t too kind when you’re standing, staring out to sea, with a brisk offshore wind and an air temperature around freezing. A large pod might have passed just before we set up or just after we packed up. Life can be a gamble at times.

The strong swell and offshore breeze, gave the sea a corduroy texture. With our binoculars we saw lots of birds fishing just in front of the glassy faces of the waves and further out, we saw the occasional suspicious vee-shape spray. Could they have been whales blowing? Or might they have been spray from a breaking wave way out to sea? H’mm, this is definitely a case for the willing suspension of disbelief if the numbness in our fingers is to be brushed aside as worthwhile inconvenience. 
         Waves on New Year's Day
The ponds have quieted down with the higher water levels after the increase in the height of the river. The geese have opted for large flock, grass feed events in the sunshine that we are currently enjoying. The peace can’t last too long. We await developments.

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  1. jazgal says:

    Have watched whales go by on the northern CA coast - it is a delight to see them. Timing IS everything with this activity, as you say, and luck be with you.

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