A Day-Off Day

A beautiful, spring-like sunny day for the Big Man’s birthday. Dandelions and periwinkle are recklessly displaying themselves in an attempt to snag an insect visitor or two. An azalea with tiny flowers is much more discrete but is still trying to flaunt with dignity. A small fungus with aspirations to grow up to be a mushroom was staring at me like a second grader before a softball game, waving and saying ‘Pick me, pick me’.

With an urgent quest for a humanizing latte, I can’t stop to smell the flowers. Anyway, getting my nose two inches off the ground would result in an unacceptable energy penalty. However, the weather is gorgeous, so much so that I go as far as unbuttoning my jacket. I won’t go as far as one guy I spot going in the opposite direction, and stripped down to shoes, shorts and a dog.

The flush cycle for the Ponds is now at low, leaving clear water, and more shoreline property has come back onto the market. The geese are returning from the grassland and sailing sedately around and occasionally upending to moon at their potential neighbors or simply squatting in an initial attempt to stake their claim.

Goose Island
Even the car lots are quiet, except for the guy wheeling around a resurrection cart to shock the hearts of the trucks back into working. Nobody seems to be in a buying mood though.

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  1. Hmm, I remember it being really cold yesterday and your running around with an unzipped jacket. Guess there was a big difference in 15 miles. Nice picture of the geese.

  2. Microclimates hel. Today my jacket was again unzipped but I needed a scarf. Tomorrow – Brrrr.

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