Its a Wrap

This morning, returning from a quick run for my daily caffeine transfusion, I slink past the large glass tanks that are the car showrooms along both sides of the road. Clearly, it is early. The schools of ravenous salesmen are assembling and peering out, looking to snap up the unwary. Stepping into a lot to look at a vehicle would certainly mean instant capture with no escape possible. Further along, I pass two humongous trucks, nose to nose with their hoods agape; clearly kissing cousins, getting revved up by sharing bodily currents.

Further along, the trees on both sides of the road are filled with birds jeering at me. They are not going to let me forget my error. I was reminded in the coffee shop, and am now feeling crushed and deflated by the fact that I missed National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (1). Last Monday, whilst the rest of the Nation was bursting with excitement, I was staring at my screen, ear buds in place, with ‘Lady Gaga’ drowning out the pop culture surrounding me. I was aware that it was Thyroid Awareness Month, and was doing my bit for National Hot Tea Month, but clearly did not have my daily structure properly in place, mia culpa, indeed. Even the geese sound like they are laughing at my chagrin

My neglect of the important things in life brings the term ‘bird brain’ to mind. Though it cannot be put at the feet of exposure to radiation as has been found with the birds living in the woodland surrounding the Chernobyl site. Dr. Møller and his colleagues have found that the bird’s brains are 5% smaller than their brothers and sisters living elsewhere (2), and the speculation is that their cognitive ability is similarly reduced. Perhaps their nest sites were described as hot properties by their avian realtors.


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