Turning Turtle

The Western Pond Turtles in the ponds have shrugged off the semi-dormancy of winter and ventured out from their hibernacula under a few inches of soil and mulch close to the waters edge. They have come out in force to take over the two-bird log and bask in the weak sunshine, far enough apart though to avoid wasting energy on turtle-town squabbles.

Their menu at the moment is rather dull with only algae and plant roots available. Soon however, more exciting items will be on offer such as tadpoles and insect larvae. With warming weather and good al fresco meals coming up, they will soon be making out and worrying about building nests. These are not minor temporary affairs. The young turtles call them home for a year. In fact there will be no place like home when next winter’s icy blasts lash the reeds and turn the surface to sheets of ice.

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  1. jazgal says:

    I had no idea that the young turtles lived in the nests for a year- isn't that rather unusual? Soak up that weak-kneed sunshine while/when you can, Boys!

  2. They are only little and not ready for a big adventure too soon, not like the ones that go to sea and end up in soup.

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