First Batch Hatch

The gosling hatch has commenced and the sitting around doing nothing is beginning to pay off, if you are a goose that is. These are the early birds. Some pairs still seem to be wandering about and can’t quite seem to concentrate on the job at hand. But there is a lot less squabbling going on and the ponds are peaceful.

Recent rains have brought the river level back up and the ponds are now at the highest that I’ve seen them. Some of the recent plantings are barely showing a tip above the water level. The cormorants are on vacation. The turtles are all over their abandoned logs, like huge barnacles whenever there is a hint of sun. Even a rumor seems to bring them out.

Some of the heron’s are working hard around the edges of the ponds. Their treetop nests are now well hidden by leaf growth. It is too soon to see if there are any chicks.

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