Goodpasture Island Spring

Spring has brought a warm sunny morning to the ponds. The lone cormorant is being forced to share its log with a plethora of the local turtle tykes. The weather, which is ideal for wing drying, is also good for warming. Hence, the aggregates of turtles on logs, and car salesmen on steps, are all hauled out to bask in the morning sun. 

Thirty minutes later and the cormorant has yielded to manifest destiny and her log is covered with 10 turtles. The two-bird log has fewer, but it is also the preferred spot for Mr. Big, who is at least three times the size of any of his minions.

The catkins on the willows are almost mature and the buds on the maples have burst. Cherry blossom is past its best now due to the wind and rain as spring struggled to be reborn this year. The plum is looking good, though and maybe will last a while. More and more of the Oregon grape is in blossom and the dandelions are rushing to join the coming flurry of golden yellow.

Geese and ducks have settled their territorial arguments for the moment as they are getting into the planning mode for egg delivery. The herons have settled into their heronry and are winging backwards and forwards to the ponds to feed. They start off looking like storks until they fold their neck into that characteristic rudder which improves their aerodynamic design with the center of lift back inside their wing chord. The ospreys are not in residence so far and their old nest has got an unkempt look. Grass has started to grow on the twigs and any debris from last year.  Maybe they have joined the rich and famous at a more upmarket location and are even now, building their version of an osprey MacMansion.

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