Duckling à la Pond

Good news at the Ponds today. Everything looked very quiet and deserted, but then in a protected corner the first batch of ducklings was brought out for a trip. They are at least two weeks behind the goslings who are growing up fast. Of course, they have to bulk up for the flight north soon. The ducklings can take their time and enjoy splashing about here all summer long.

The ospreys are looking good with one now sitting. She is languidly picking at the sticks surrounding her, occasionally tossing one casually aside over the edge, maybe because it is a little rotten and the bark is going slimy or perhaps the shape didn’t quite fit her fancy. If one is going to sit up on a platform on top of a pole for around thirty-six days in wind, rain or sun, then I guess one is entitled to be a little picky about the twigs one is reclining on.

The only other excitement is gained by following the doings of the turtles when the sun comes out. The logs are chock-a-bloc with basking beasts, big and small, all with necks stuck out as they like the sun on the back of their heads. After a few days of sunshine, I guess that we won’t know if they are Western Pond Turtles or Red-eared Sliders as the will all be red-necks.

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  1. jazgal says:

    Good to hear that the ducklings have made their appearance, and that Mama Osprey is tending her nest now. Keepin' it tidy, it sounds like.
    I'm with the turtles - showing some neck and arm during the sun breaks, getting some Vit. D while one can.

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