What Goes Around, Comes Around

A recent NPR blog by Adam Cole (1) draws our attention to some recent studies on genotyping the leprosy bacteria. Every year in the US, about 150 people are diagnosed with leprosy. Its alternative name, Hansen’s disease doesn’t strike the same emotional chill, and it can now treated successfully by antibiotics. Texas and Louisiana are the states with the highest incidence. An interesting point brought out in the study is that geographically separated strains have recognizably different genotypes and that the people in Texas and Louisiana who have been infected must have been infected locally and not when visiting abroad.

In the 1970s, leprosy jumped from us to the armadillos. Now, about 1 armadillo in seven carry the bacteria. Armadillos are cool creatures. In fact their body temperature is nine degrees cooler and the bacteria like to chill out at the armadillo café. Now the Armadillos are returning the favor.

Tidying up road kill takes on a more exciting prospect. And my cooking experiments will not include those Texas favorites barbecued Armadillo and Armadillo Chili (recipe: http://www.yumyum.com/recipe.htm?ID=12105 ).

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    Yes, let's pass on the armadillo chili - thanks anyway!

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