Pond Update

There hasn’t been a post about the ponds for some time, so with fall officially starting next week and some of the leaves falling from the trees around the Ponds, I think it is time for a review. It’s still dry and sunny, but gradually getting cooler. The geese are getting noisy and they are more often flying around in formation now instead of in pairs. It's like they are getting ready to move on.

The bank realignment and the plantings are well established and the big work currently going on is the construction of a path around the ponds. With it running close to the edge, people will appreciate it, but I’m not sure if the wildlife will be so keen.

The cormorants have returned from a long vacation and are resting their logs back from the turtles. At the moment it is whoever gets on it first, holds the space.

There were three Egrets looking for lunch today. One was large and clearly a Great Egret. The other two were small enough to be Snowy Egrets but weren’t close enough for me to see their bills clearly, so they may just have been young ones.

Pity the Ospreys weren’t successful this year, maybe next. Not too many ducklings appeared. Only the geese were prolific, and the herons did well. 

Soon the water level will be rising, once the rains start.

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