Flushed With Success

For all of who have read Kenneth Grahame’s ‘wind in the Willows” (or seen the movie), we fondly remember Mr. Toad’s discovery of the automobile after one had driven his new caravan off the road. Recall, he just sat in the road quietly murmuring “Poop, poop.”

He was more far seeing than I thought when I first read the story. Now the Japanese company TOTO has unveiled it new ultra green motor tricycle that any Mr. Toad would be proud to own. Ultra green? Which fuel? Human waste, so riders can go “poop, poop all the way down the High street.

It is equipped with a bio-digesting toilet as the seat so one can poop–and–go with the minimum of delay. No longer will you need to take your mother sage advice “to go before you go.”

The inaugural journey is a 600 mile marathon starting at Kyoto and pooping their way through Kobe to end up at Tokyo, pooped out I would guess. The machine is call the Toilet Bike Neo and just in case one might feel a little isolated riding one’s new Neo, it will talk to one and play music. I’m unsure when it will talk or play music, but it would make sense if it is sensitive to your performance at the time. After all, there is a time for a friendly chat and there is a time for loud background music.

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