Going In Style – Top Toilet, USA

Sooner or later when we are away from home we will need to search out and make use of the local plumbing. But how big a part does your plumbing experience play in your enjoyment of your trip, whether it is a visit to a mall or holiday in a fancy resort?

For the past decade we have had an opportunity to acknowledge elevating experiences of the restroom variety by entering the restroom for a national award if you should feel so moved. Cintas sponsor the annual ‘America’s Best Restroom’ contest and the 10th King of the Throne is now crowned.

This year’s winner is to be found in the windy city at the Field Museum (1,2). The women’s room is particularly luxurious and spacious, although, to my eyes, rather clinical. (From the photos, of course, I wouldn't dare trespass.)

Much more exciting to me is the gem hidden away in Crystal City, Virginia. The photos make me want to organize a vacation to the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel (3). Nothing coldly clinical here. They have the ultimate in techno-geek faucets with hot or cold water indicated by the color of the lights illuminating the stream. So hot water looks red and cold looks blue, wow!

Another of the nominees for this year’s top spot was, appropriately, The Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. Enough said.

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