Just How Mobile Is Your iPhone?

Day after day, smartphones sit in your pockets, bags, or holsters until required to perform for a few minutes before being re-consigned to darkness and oblivion, That is until their owners get bored and demand playtime. Absolute dependability is demanded, and year-by-year the performance bar is raised. The threat of being cast aside for a new love is constant.

A new day is dawning, for iPhones, that is, and maybe, just maybe, for the rest of us owners. Thanks to Romotive, your iPhone can become truly mobile. An independent life is just over the horizon for them and is no longer just a fantasy (1).

Romotive have designed a wheelchair for your iPhone (1, 2). The phones headphone jack supplies the communication link and your phone can drive itself about the place, scare your cat, bark at your dog or otherwise take its place in the good life. This is as it should be in these days of cell phone based democracy.

Now, the guys at Romotive, having set their iPhones free, haven’t got much further than persuading them to act as go-betweens in office romances by delivering flowers to pretty coworkers, but guys will be guys, I guess.

The promise, of course, is that App Developers will jump in with all sorts of applications so that your old iPhone 4, and the 4s when the 5 reaches your hot sweaty hands, will be liberated into retirement and allowed to run free around your accommodations making themselves useful in a myriad of ways.

Imagine, with a mechanical arm, they could lift themselves out of their chairs and place themselves on charging mats, and then be off again in an hour to play each other at some multiplayer game or, if wanting some personal time, go off into the corner and tweet wisecracks on your Twitter account. Maybe even trundle into your bedroom for a candid photo of you snoring to post on your Facebook wall.

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