iSkivvies, Action Ready

Intelligent or igadgets are everywhere from your smartphone, tablet or MP3, so it’s not surprising that the concepts have spread to unsuspecting corners or crevices of our existence. The aim, of course, is for your gadget to understand what you want almost before you do yourself and pass the information to the appropriate facility, rather in the manner of your ideal PA or (if you’re of the old school) your perfect butler.

A new twist in the yarn has appeared with some engineers furiously knitting skivvies for the next gen soldiers (1). These iSkivvies have comfy gel sensors intimately measuring and sending your current state back to base.

What data you will surely be asking? The report suggests altitude effects, burns, respiratory distress, blunt trauma etc. so that fighting condition can be assessed and wounded more rapidly identified and evacuated.

One can visualize platoon leaders checking their iPhones with Bluetooth connection to their men’s iSkivvies using the appropriate App to see who is feeling up to the job of taking out that machine gun up ahead.

The report mentions another new exciting sensor  – an acoustic sensor to evaluate ballistic impact and thoracic noise indicative of trauma. Let’s hope that the cooks aren’t serving beans for lunch.

The idea of getting a digital readout for action readiness becomes interesting when the soldiers go off-duty and hit the local bars and dancehalls.


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