Smart Tattoos

Our smartphones are destined to get ever smarter with our ability to use them for gathering and sending information and images, as well as playing multiplayer games. One of the problems that they still have is the annoying way that they tell you, and the whole world, that someone wants to tell you something of no interest to anyone else, but which keeps all around you spellbound as the half conversation is taking place.

Even if you’re texted, your phone will beep and startle everyone. Of course you can put it on vibrate, but often the vibrations aren’t silent and if your phone is on a desktop, the buzz is really annoying.

What’s the answer? Nokia have it apparently with US patent 20120062371 in the use of magnetic inks as reported in (1). The idea is that when we sign our smartphone contract we get a tattoo done tastefully with magnetic inks and that will vibrate to let us know that a friend has a juicy piece of gossip that we just have to hear.

With caller id, our tattoos will let us know who is calling as well. The patent also suggests the option of a patch but that seems to be rather a wimpy solution for techies.

With general Bluetooth connections, our tattoos could also do double duty as an access device for our desktops, laptops and tablets. Of course colored inks could be used to make our tattoos more appealing. Not all those girls with a dragon tattoo would have the same connection. Although the dragons might look the same, the magnetization pattern would be applied after the tattoo is completed.

Should this work, I can see the potential for smart tattoos replacing id cards. Sounds more fun than rf chips.


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