3-D Chocolate Printer

Now that 3-D printers are coming down in price, it won’t be long before we all have one at home ready to print. But what would we want to print?

The guys at MIT have suggestions. They think that we’ll want to print our own robots with customizable bits and pieces. The National Science Foundation has been listening to them and has chipped in with a nice little check for $10M as a start to democratizing automation (1).

I presume the plan is to purchase a core unit and print lots of plug in bits so that your personalized robot can tend your houseplants, or mix your drinks, or if you’re adventurous, bath the dog. But this nirvana is still a way off.

However, coming in a store near you at the end of this month is a unit that will gladden the hearts of many, and, if current medical research is reliable, have some health benefits too. The first 3-D chocolate printer is to be available (2). Clearly a must have for party-people and people with children of any age.

Unfortunately they missed the Easter rush so personalized chocolate Easter eggs will have to wait until next year. We will be able to print chocolate fortune cookies and pop our own pithy fortune notes inside as we’re printing though.

MIT has also developed a prototype, but I haven’t spotted any marketing announcement as yet.

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