Perky Pond Life

 The past few days here have been unseasonably nice weather and the wildlife in and around the Ponds is definitely perky. The plant life too is enjoying the sun.

On my walk this morning, I noticed that most of the trees have new leaves showing and the cherries are magnificent, but the magnolias hereabouts are looking a little blousy. The heaps of scarlet petals beneath the large rhododendron reminded me that it has been offering its wares to the insect world for over a week now. Bluebells are flowering too.

Several pairs of Canada geese have little troupes of goslings. They swim in line astern with the little ones paddling as hard as they can to keep up. Too early for ducklings yet, though.

The ospreys are back to serious nesting. The female is getting pretty raucous calling to her mate when she spots him coming back from the river. He clearly hadn’t brought anything back this morning as she kept giving him a piece of her mind for several minutes after he arrived.

The turtles are out in force keeping the cormorants off their logs. They were out very early today with their shells turned towards the sun. On my way back they had all shuffled round to follow the sun. With dark shells, it must get pretty hot inside. Perhaps the least perky pond life on show.

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