Camilla, The Space Chicken

After her successful 90-minute flight up into the stratosphere last March, Camilla is looking to spruce up her wardrobe. Feathers, intelligently designed or not – whichever is your preference, weren’t designed for space flight.

She has a penchant for matching knitted hats and suits, and has a handy sized wardrobe knitted by fans in the US. However, her fashion sense is changing and she has stretched out the wing of friendship to Europe in its time of economic turbulence.

Mrs. Sue Drage from middle-England has been commissioned by NASA to turn out a new outfit in short order. She has been working hard for a year to get that perfect tailored fit. The BBC quotes her as saying that “-they thought it was a good way of putting Britain on the map” (1), but although, admittedly, Britain isn’t one of the larger countries, she is on all the world maps that I have. Perhaps, I should send them one of mine.

The real breakthrough, though, is that the new outfit will be knitted out of old plastic bags. If this new fashion statement catches on, the world may just have solved its plastic bag problem, but that may just be Camilla’s flight of fancy.

She will be wearing it today as she has her current mission on now. She is up, up and away to study the non-annual annular eclipse and we wait with baited breath for her pictures.

The cost of a knitted to measure outfit of plastic bags? Well, that hasn’t been revealed, but we may speculate that it was chickenfeed compared to NASA’s overall budget. We wish all success to Camilla, the space chicken, on her current mission and to Mrs. Drage with her knitting program.

If it turns out that Camilla is well protected from the vagaries of space flight, perhaps she can knit one for Mr. Cameron to protect him from the vagaries of a difficult Parliament – after all, he did start his premiership as a very green prime minister, with bicycling to work and a windmill on his roof.


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