Is She Hot Or What?

There is an old saying that ‘horses sweat, men perspire but ladies only glow’ and then the term ‘she’s hot’ takes on an entirely different significance. But perception is all. Now Amanda Hahn and her team have used their thermal imaging kit on a total of 39 young ladies to see if they are really hot (1).

When and how exactly, I hear you ask. In the first experiment 16 young ladies were interviewed by two experimenters, one was female and the other wasn’t. Skin temperatures were monitored. When the man was talking to them, their palms and outer arm were distinctly cool. But their face and chest gave them away with a significant temperature hike.

The measurements were repeated with another group of young women, who were also questioned about what they felt when chatting to their male interviewer. Their assessment of stress, discomfort, excitement, embarrassment, etc. were all recorded and compared to their telltale facial temperature changes, but no correlation was found as the women got hotter without realizing it when the young men started interacting with them.

So it seems that talking to young men gets young women hot and bothered and the authors conclude that measuring skin temperature is a good measure of the mating signals being displayed.

As most young men don’t carry thermal imaging kit about their person, they will have to rely on the age-old hit or miss techniques to decide if she is hot or what.


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