The Cat's Coming Back!

The big news this week appears in Katie Hill’s post (1) and syndicated round the world by the BBC (2). A big Film Festival is scheduled to open in Minneapolis on August, 30th, 2012. Why is this so compelling? Because you avid fans of action movies (and sometimes inaction movies) out there can nominate your fav clip.

The clips are YouTube type videos of cats being cats being cats. Clever cats, comic cats, capering cats, conniving cats, contrary cats, comely cats, celebrity cats and, of course, let’s not forget cute cats will be hogging the limelight exclusively. No dogs will be able to cock a leg at this parade.

The cat’s coming back. Last years most viewed YouTube celebrity video was the talking dog, but with such a cat cornucopia to choose from after August, 30, dogs will be left in the dust chewing slippers.

Send off your nomination, mark your cat’s calendar and there will be no caterwauling!


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