Adventitious Reflections

The warm sunny morning air is filled with buzzing as I stride purposefully towards the distant coffee pot; not the friendly buzzing of insects but the continuous monotone of leaf-blower engines reminding me that the end of the year is nigh. This is a theme taken up by Time magazine and other publications who are already reviewing the year. I’m not ready for anything so grave as the death of the decade just yet. After all, I’m just getting around to thinking about getting ready for the Christmas Holidays. To review the Year rushes me headlong into New Year Resolutions. That is heavy-duty contemplation when I’m in between the overindulgences of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The spirit of the Season is out there though. Our Heron and our Egret were in the same pond sub-division to eat breakfast in shared real estate. Even more remarkable was the presence of a goose on the three-bird log with two cormorant buddies.

Two large wire-mesh cages by the infall to the East pond strike a dissonant note. No bait or open entrance was apparent, and the only furnishing was a large bare log in each. Have these pond jail cells been set up ready for inebriated nutria or beavers who have been disturbing the peace when returning home from raves run by Parties on the Ponds?

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  1. jazgal says:

    Must be the nutria - my neighbor just told about them growling at his dog! (At least twice the size!) Seems od, though.

    Not eager to wrap up the year, let alone the decade - so, mark me as getting ready to get ready to think about it.

    Glad to hear the birds are getting along - there's hope for us yet!

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