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Rain drops on the windows, and a view that shows it to be either raining or about to rain, makes today a day to study the Newspapers rather than real life.

A lot of carbon, either in the form of trees for the paper news or coal for the cyber news, is being spent on the shock/horror of Charles and Camilla when they found themselves surrounded by revolting students. However, it is not just students in the UK that are looking bad these days. Patrick Grant in his acceptance speech for the British Menswear Designer of the Year Award, said UK men, as a group, have become scruffy. Charles had a specific exclusion from this general categorization, though. There is apparently a deplorable trend gaining ground of wearing suits without ties. President Obama was mentioned as falling into this dubious dress code whilst campaigning. Oh dear, where are the bowler hats and ties that were de rigueur for the City of London gents of the last century. Casual Friday’s have spread through the week like a cold in kindergarten.

There is an Associated Press report of vandalism to the famous Glastonbury Thorn tree. The tree has been sitting stubbornly atop Glastonbury Tor for many centuries, relentlessly blooming at Christmas and Easter. Last night, someone took their saw and cut all the limbs off leaving a stump four or five feet high. The last time it was vandalized was around 1650 by Cromwell’s lads. There is hope for its recovery though, if carefully tended. We all know that the UK is taking drastic economic action, but surely Christmas trees can’t be so expensive that the good citizens have to resort to hacking away at national treasures.

For the geeks amongst us: Glastonbury and the Somerset levels are the home for the Arthurian legends with Merlin and Lancelot et al. Tintagel, as the home, is just a Cornish suggestion; and is not as well known as its ‘pastie’ – a folded pastry circle with meat and potatoes stuffed in one end and apple in the other prior to baking. Dinner-on-the-go for busy tin miners. But no self-respecting Knight of the Round Table would make do with a pastie and ale. No, roast boar and a good French wine would be required after a hard day in the lists.

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  1. Loved the "Causal Friday and colds through Kindergarten comment." Horrible about the tree, just horrible!!!!

  2. Horrible about that tree. The pastie sounds good right now.

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