Good Job, Big Job!

I heard this morning that Time Magazine has proclaimed its ‘Person of the Year’. The US’s most despised ‘Word’ has also been announced. They are Mark Zuckerberg and Whatever – whatever. Lindberg was the first ‘Person of the Year’, and remains the youngest at 25 at the time of the award. Second this year was the Tea Party Movement, which is a wonderful segway into today’s main item for discussion.

The Orca decline in the Pacific Northwest seas continues to worry some Washington scientists in spite of the Orca baby boom at the beginning of this year. As the Orcas are difficult to persuade to come in for regular health checks, other means of monitoring their health have to be utilized. A researcher called Liz has enlisted the help and support of her Labrador called Tucker. This lab. Lab. hates water, but is bravely hanging over the prow of Liz’s search boat as they scoop poop. Tucker can smell Orca poop up to 2 kilometers away, which is just as well as it only floats for 45 minutes. Liz and her colleagues have to rush forward, lining up with Tucker’s nose, scoops at the ready, hoping to strike pay dirt. Their treasures are then rushed to the University lab. where the eager graduate students have their sleeves rolled up, ready to delve into the wonders of their chosen research topic.

Followers of the item on the westward rush of the slugs to the lascivious delights of warm asphalt may already be aware of the Satsuma snails of Japan which come in right-handed and left-handed formats. They stay as distinct populations, not as rumored because of political differences, but because the couples are directionally challenged ( see:
for more detail). Apparently, the left-handers have a potential evolutionary advantage as the snail eating snakes have a right-handed bite and can’t get their teeth into the little critters.

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  1. "not as rumored because of political differences, but because the couples are directionally challenged" Very, very funny good chap. Cheers.

  2. jazgal says:

    A snail's got to know which way to twist!

    There is a job I am happy to pass on - sniffing orca poop. Oh yeah!

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