News from the Front.
The cormorants have re-taken the log. They are standing fast as a bastion to change. Manifest destiny will have some sharp beaks to cope with if it is to triumph. The smart money is on the cormorants. The geese are looking too dilettante to be serious contenders, as they dally with each other in ephemeral groups.

Back Home.
Rain is back. The manuscript lays on the desk, looking neglected and with a silent plea for revision from every page that is without its red ink lines slashing through the purple prose, like the liposuction machine on the abdomens of the soon-to-be-beautiful. The task ahead is vast. Am I a goose or a cormorant, I wonder? Then another Rumi quote comes to the fore:

            "Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what                           people think of you."

So that’s what I’ll do. 

There has been rain for the past ten days, just another thirty to go. Ten pages a day will do it!

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