A Fair Day in January

The Lane County Home and Garden Show had an encouraging emphasis of eco-friendliness and sustainability about the exhibits, along with a nice selection of arts and crafts. Not being in the market for home improvements, the best I could do was to purchase a pair of Alpaca-wool socks after communing with the delightful creature in today’s picture. 

Alpacas and Vicunas score very high on the cute scale. I would estimate at least a 5-Oooh rating. However, neither can quite hit the high of grey seal pups though. Those big winsome eyes are always  winner, and then that white furry coat settles it for most of us.

A heart-warming story this week was the report of three young seal pups from the Farne Islands on the northwest coast of England who went on a vacation to the Netherlands. With one only three weeks old, this seems rather precocious if not a tad rash. The trip was 350 miles and the North Sea in winter can be a little harsh even if you can dodge the constant stream of ships wandering up and down this nautical freeway. However go they did and no sooner were they sunbathing on the beaches of the Netherlands than they were sent home. Freedom of movement within the EU may have some age limitations attached or maybe they just needed their parents seal of approval.

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