Late Latte

It is another beautiful day with blue skies and the temperature rushing into the 50s. I am taking my morning coffee later that usual today and I notice that the dog walkers are different. Maybe it’s due the weather, but they are predominantly male – the walkers that is, not the animals of the canine persuasion. The female walkers that I normally encounter usually smile and say ‘Hi’ but not today. The dogs universally rush up to give my hand a welcoming lick but not so the guys on the other end of the leashes who won’t even make eye contact let alone lick my hand!

The ponds have risen by at least another six inches judging from the guards around recently planted saplings, which have now almost, disappear under the surface. Small islands are getting even smaller and the nesting sites are becoming sought after waterfront properties.

The geese have settled to a more sedate life and have come to a tentative agreement with the cormorants on the two-bird log. At least so it seems as there is a happy mixed occupancy this morning. It is to be hoped for that this avian detente will outlast the current spell of nice weather that is lulling us into a false sense of spring. I note that an Oregon Grape has a plethora of buds that are showing bright yellow. This is much too early, even if it is in a sheltered position behind the 'Portapotty'.

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  1. jazgal says:

    The sun hasn't broken here yet, so I am jealous! Glad to know that the avian detante is prevailing. I have witnessed cherry blossoms in the favored microclimates on the Westside (although not, perhaps, as protected as behind the portapotty!) Way too early - no question. ALthough, I must admit that my outlook has improved with the break of sunshine and warmth. Invest in that waterfront real estate.

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