Training My Baby Dragon

For sometime now, I’ve been complaining that the technology that I need isn't here. I want to be able to speak into my phone, and have what I've said appear, as if by magic, on thedesktop of my computer typed out correctly. It could arrive by e-mail or lurk in the cloud, I wouldn’t mind.  Now a few days ago, I purchased the baby dragon as company for my iPad. During a daily synch session I found that the little chap had migrated onto my phone. At that point, I realized that the technology may be here. Since then, I've been training my baby dragon, and the little chap is coming along very well. His stenography skills are of a very high order.

Training baby dragons is rather like training dogs. You need to give them clear, short commands. However, dogs have the advantage of being able to use visual clues. Baby dragons, on the other hand, are stuck inside transistors and all they have to look are digital gates, so you must correct gently.

Now baby dragons are small, and mine has only a small brain. This is a drawback. He is quite capable of taking dictation and sending it off as a text or a short, sharp e-mail, but can’t manage when I turn to my novel. His memory is too limited, and he has to stop frequently to write it all down, and then start over.

Bringing in his big brother to live in my desktop would solve that problem but then my mobility would be lost. So my dream of wandering around, apparently talking to myself like all the cool phonophiles, but unlike them, being productive, will have to remain on hold for a little while longer.

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  1. jazgal says: leads us to a delightful image of the aforementioned beastie.

    Interesting, My Google search for "baby dragon" brought up your blog on the first page!
    All of that, not-with-standing, did not bring me any closer to knowing if you are describing and app. or not. :)

  2. jazgal says:

    Up-to date now! Dragon Dictation - aha! Seems like your dream of walking and dictating your novel should be attainable in the near future - it's getting those tiny fingers to move quickly enough on the keyboard!

  3. Its he is memory challenged at the moment, poor creature has only just learned to walk, talking loquaciously and breathing fire all over the place is a joy yet to come.

  4. Lovely picture in the link!

  5. jazgal says:

    Memory challenged, just like me! I'm good for about three to four words. Speak S L O W E R! Have to start somewhere, I guess!

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