Pondering the Depths

Bufflehead Flotilla

The morning chill is making my eyes water as I hike to the coffee pot this morning. The pond level is at the highest that I’ve seen it so far. The connective routes from sub-pond to sub-pond are now much broader. The islands have shrunk and some trees have their lower half submerged. A very turbulent inflow has turned the water universally brown with fine particulates carried in from the river.

The wildlife are very quiet this morning with a few disconsolate looking geese staring out across the water. The odd one finds the energy to honk in a half-hearted manner as I walk past. A small flotilla of Buffleheads are continuing to tough it out, but otherwise most of the ducks, geese, heron et al have moved off. Where to? The river is very high and turbulent and even more cloudy, so that wouldn’t be good. As I watch and wonder, a sole cormorant swoops in to waterski to a halt; the call of her home log being too strong to ignore for long, perhaps. With a drier spell of weather predicted, the river level should drop and maybe the ponds will have more excitement to offer.

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