Return to the Ponds

The sun was in a teasing mood and inviting us locals to try a restorative walk. Before I had traveled two hundred yards, it was back in hiding and remained there for the rest of the afternoon. I did the polite thing and pretended not to notice. First, I checked the river. It was higher than ever and running very fast. One of the benches along the bank had disappeared; either it is hiding underwater or has been swept away.
Although the pond level is still high, and may still be rising slowly, the cloudiness has fallen. The birdlife now seems to be returning with pairs of geese occupying prime sites on the banks and islands. The cormorants are back in place and drying out after fishing activity. The heron may not have done so well though as it has taken to a log instead of the bank. Contemplating the benefits of a vegan diet perhaps. 

Maybe though, he is feeling more fortunate than Gena from Dnipropetrovsk in the Ukraine. Poor Gena, while posing for a photo-shoot, yawned on being asked to smile, and then accidently swallowed a cell-phone dropped into her mouth by the would-be photographer, a Mrs. Golovko. Gena, an immigrant crocodile from Africa, is refusing to answer any more calls and is complaining that the ringing in her stomach is quite putting her off her food. Gena is currently eschewing favorites like live quail as they have been injected with laxatives. She is convinced that the photographer’s (Ms. Golovko) hurry to get her sim card returned with her contact list is just a passing fancy.

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  1. jazgal says:

    made a full loop of the Esplanade before the clouds came back in, but ignoring the weather is for the best - eventually you just have to get out there again! Interesting that the birds are settling back in even though the water is by no means back to its more normal level, and still quite muddy. I guess they can't wait to resume favored activities.

  2. Our heron doesn't seem to be a happy bunny though. He always used to look so alert and ready to discuss the menu in detail with any passing frog.

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