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Today I discovered Google’ tour of some of the worlds major art galleries and got lost in the wonder of the masterpieces of world spread over my 27 inch screen. You can zoom in to check out the brushwork and get some brief viewing notes on each painting or sculpture. There is a 3D mode but glasses are needed. Perhaps this is in preparation for future advances in technology.

You can click onto a museum and land in one of its galleries. In what is now classic Google-fashion, you can look around just as you do in G-Earth’s street view. ‘This is great,’ I thought as I proceeed to struggle to get through doors to explore further. Being gaming-impaired it took me some time (I won’t say how long) to understand the difference between a rectangle and an ellipse.  Click with the ellipse and you are dragged through the door into a new gallery with transmigrational visuals rather reminiscent of Star Trek.

My jar of quarters now has a purpose. The hot things at this year’s Consumer Electronics show were web-enabled huge screen HD TVs.  Google’s Art Project is clearly what they have been designed for. Try it:

By the time my quarter-jar has enough in it, they will also have 3D without the need for glasses. I will have to start planning now. The first thing to do will be to move my refrigerator next to my recliner and then….

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  1. cool. I was disappointed to see they didn't have Chicago.

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