Wild Goose Chase

With waterfront property getting scarce and crowded, an expansion westward is beginning to take place. I met with this pair of pioneer homesteaders staking out a claim to the grass verge by the sidewalk. I attempted to explain the hazardous nature of the environment to the gander, and how this wasn’t an ideal spot to bring up goslings, but all he would do was to hiss me quiet so as not to worry his goosefriend, who had complete faith in his ability to handle any and all situations.

The transformation of the Ponds to a regular river–flood plain habitat has taken a leap forward this winter. The landfill for the riparian benches along the ponds, which reduce the steepness of the banks, are now sporting some sparse grass and the planting of the native species of trees and shrubs is well under way. Clearly, it is well on the way to becoming the nature wonderland envisioned in the original plan of six years ago. I do worry about our goosey friends and their ilk though. They are no match for the hungry predators that rush up and down the road. True, the Western Pond Turtle that I rescued from the road last year is still keeping his head down, but our Canada friends seem pretty determined to push the frontier.

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