A Little Winner

A very exciting result came in from the Osaka Marathon this morning.  After only 2.27 days of fierce walking, the winning margin was a mere one-second. The robot race was decided during the final few laps as the winner, Robovie-PC, took a firm grip on her capacitors and powered on whilst the erstwhile leader, Robovie-PC Lite was dithering around and titivating her transducers, with the result that a comfortable lead evaporated like snow in summer.

Sustenance, in the form of freshly prepared batteries, was available during the race, but chivalry in the form of a hand up to a fallen robo-lady was not allowed and would have resulted in instant disqualification. The racecourse was indoors, otherwise rain showers would have made the carrying of umbrellas essential and this would have slowed the pace.

The winner’s stats are her weight is 2.4 kg and her height is 40 cm. Her other key measurements are a secret between her and her engineer. We would, of course be too polite to pry further. An excellent video of the event can be found at:
where you can see these vertically challenged robo-ladies hurrying along with little 7 cm steps reminiscent of old-time geishas hurrying from one entertainment gig to the next.

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  1. Hmmm, I am not sure these were lady robots but they are cute anyway. Until they decide to take over the world and it is Terminator time.

  2. jazgal says:

    Not sure about the gender of these'bots either, but they are pretty cute, (except for the one that was rather spazzy). I don't think we are quite at the world-domination stage - whew!

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