Trumpeting The Coming Of Spring

A cool, grey morning, but with the promise of spring close, almost close enough to reach out and touch. The winter colors of dark red and green are changing to bright yellow and pink as daffodils and prunus species start to flower and raise the mood.

 While admiring an extensive daffodil collection in full bloom, the information that their trumpet controversy has been settled last week (1) came to mind. In the nick of time for St. David’s Day, when some of the Welsh wear their daffodils with pride, Prof. Scotland settled the issue that the trumpets are a new organ and not related to the petals or the stamens. Most lowly flowers have only four organs, but the daffodils have five, which makes then special. Perhaps this new distinction will have encouraged the rest of the Welsh to eschew wearing their rather odiferous leeks in favor of their more aristocratic flower. It is now four days past the big day and I can find no reports on any of the news outlets on this important issue.

Heronry Startup
The geese are spreading out and it won’t be long before they start to get broody. No sign of the ospreys yet. Last years nest is still the same pile of twigs as ever sitting ready for some new clutter. The herons though, are getting on with it and have the start of their heronry well under way with four birds and two nests in the uppermost branches of a stand of very tall trees. Penthouses are still popular amongst the beautiful people.


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