Do Not Disturb

The last leaves are still clinging to some of the trees, although its looks more of an act of desperation than bravado. Hence, the noise of the leaf blowers is still with us. Even the lawn mowers are buzzing, giving us a regular reminder of the local enthusiasm for lawn care. Leaf blowing and lawn mowing in the rain smacks of more enthusiasm than is strictly necessary.

            Now the king – Elvis of course – in the Aussie Reptile Park is a bit of a curmudgeon, even for a large male saltwater crocodile, and took great offense when the lawnmower barged in to his compound. According to the BBC report (1) he lost his cool.

            He decided to put a stop to this mowing nonsense and rushed out and bit the mower, dragging into his pool to drown it. He lay there beside it, waiting for it to rot and become tender until the keepers asked if they could have their mower back. All they got was a gappy grin as the battle with the mower pulled out two of his front teeth.

Eventually he was teased with bits of kangaroo and the keepers grabbed the mower. There is no news as to whether the mower has recovered or is still in intensive care.

Elvis was caught trying to play rough games with fishing boats in the harbor at Darwin and was sent to do hard time in the rough and tumble of a crocodile farm, but this didn’t go well. He reportedly ate two girlfriends and was sent into solitary at the high security Reptile Park.

He has made his point now and hopefully he’ll have more peace and quiet.


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