A New Group Of Technophiles

Whenever I take a break and get out my iPad or iPhone, I find that I’m expecting to get a free WiFi connection. It seems to becoming the norm in coffee shops, books stores and bars as well as bigger places like airports. Being stuck with 3 or 4G is certainly ‘so last year’ if not last century.

It’s difficult to know what to do between sips of latte if we can’t poke and swipe our tablets or phones. Our Apps are an integral part of our lives now. But it seems tablets are set to be even more ubiquitous than predicted by the late Mr. Jobs. The BBC reports that Orangutan Outreach is piloting an educational program at Milwaukee Zoo (1).

Mr. Zimmerman had his OO clients started out on Doodle Buddy and they quickly moved on to watching David Attenborough wildlife movies. Apparently, developers are lining up to develop more orang-friendly apps.

Currently the search for a robust case is on so that they can have them in the cages with them and not poke and swipe through the bars.  Ultimately, when the zoos get as up to date as the coffee shops, free WiFi will be available and with the iPad3 in a robust case, the inmates will be having video calls with inmates all over the place.

Although they really love their iPads, maybe some will demand Kindle Fires or Nooks in addition. The possibility of them listening to bedtime stories read to them by their Kindle’s text-to-speech software creates a rather charming picture. David Attenborough’s voice can be quite soothing, but the visuals of their wild relatives might be too exciting for bedtime viewing.

It makes one wonder what will they post on their Facebook pages.

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