A Shocking Answer To Your Weight Problem

Weight gain is a battle that many of us have to fight. Ofttimes not too successful, but we keep trying, especially at this time of the year as our New Year resolutions are beginning to crumble under the pressure of our daily grind. New diet books don’t help too much either, it’s practical help we need.

The problem seems to lie deep within our brains in the hypothalamus. The side regions of this part of our brain shout, “feed me” like Audrey II in ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’. The middle part is supposed to tell us to stop – we are satiated. It does, however, seem to say it quietly and is sometimes easy to ignore as parts of our reward and pleasure systems take over.

Now Melega et al from U Cal. Los Angeles are asking the question can sticking wires deep into your brain and connecting you to a power supply provide that control (1)? To check this out they chose a group of Göttingen mini-pigs, which are popular models for people, only easier to handle being quite small.

When offered a great deal of food, they will pig out and over time get used to overeating and end up with an obesity problem. 8 pigs were wired up and half of these were used as controls and the other half had their brains deeply stimulated. They were all offered twice as much to eat as they had been given previously when they were holding their fighting weights.

The results were interesting. All four who enjoyed brain tingling daily maintained their optimal weights. The other four on average gained weight steadily. I stress on average as one of our unstimulated brave girls also maintained her weight at the optimal level in the face of abundance.

Perhaps we’ll see clinics springing up in Tinseltown and its environs offering electrode implants and smartphone apps to provide the stimulation level dependent on a complex algorithm based on weight, stress levels, and desirability of menu items.

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