The Cloud Beneath Our Feet

For the tech geeks like most of us are rushing to become, the pathway to heaven is now marked out. Soon we’ll have our cloud beneath our feet. No harps yet and with electric cars becoming popular, the traffic noise will be much reduced except for the squeal of the occasional pedestrian getting run over while checking their data.

The latest development from Spain is the iPavement (1, 2), these are paving slabs with WiFi and Bluetooth built in so that we can be connected wherever we wander, except in the digitally challenged countryside of course.

The paving slabs have microprocessors built in with 5 GB per slab and it’s anticipated that one slab every 20 meters (or 66 feet for the metrically challenged) should be sufficient for smartphone or tablet users to “wander lonely on their cloud” (apologies for the mis-quote) without losing signal and staying buried in their personal business.

All the common browsers should be fine and it is planned to bring them out with their own group of apps such as via books, via maps and an analytic package. Of course this will just be the start. One can imagine each slab guiding you to the next in case you get lost or ask for a particular destination.

Equipped with temperature sensors and a speedometer working via vibration sensing, I imagine the paving will start to tell passers by to hurry up or stop running. I guess one will have to park their car or curb-crawl if our cars are going to make use of it.


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