Busy Morning

It was a beautiful morning by the Ponds  today. The water level has peaked but it's still high. There was very little wind and the sun felt warm. Warm enough to get the turtles out sunning themselves on the logs, all jumbled up on top of each other.

 The big news though is that the ospreys are back in residence. Lots of new twigs and most of the grass kicked out of the nest. They are still in the middle of the makeover. However, they seemed a little shy about having their pictures taken by the paparazzi and went off for an early lunch over by the river.

Hatching has been going on apace and we’ll soon be tripping over goslings as the grass next to the sidewalk is particularly luscious but not too long for little beaks to cope with.

The youngsters are kept under control by uncles and aunts as well as mom and pop whether they are running about near the road or sailing majestically along as a flotilla.

So far there has been no sign of ducklings, ugly or otherwise, and they may have been scheduled for next months entertainment. As usual when the Ponds are full, the cormorants have decamped to other sites. I noticed that the pond behind the Fern Ridge Dam had a log with a dozen of them enjoying an after-lunch doze. I’m not sure what that locality has to offer compared to our ponds unless the rent is cheaper outside the city.

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  1. jazgal says:

    Happy to know that the osprey are back and setting up shop. Love the seasonal influx and the appearance of the small, fluffy goslings. They have been parading along the edges of our local marsh as well.

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